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Assessment of the current extension system of ethiopia. Through growth in agricultural productivity and higher farm profits, the rural poor can generate additional income to purchase more food, including more diverse kinds of food. Extension services are currently supported by a range of government, donorbased, cooperative and farmer groups and private agents. The impact of strengthening agricultural extension. Farm households and rural communities face more and bigger challenges because of climate change. The latest agricultural policy monitoring and evaluation report shows that the 53 countries studied provided usd 528 billion eur 465 billion annually to support their agricultural sectors during the 201618 period. Importance of agricultural extension evidence from many countries show that agricultural extension is a propoor public investment. Research department of economics university of oslo may, 2015. Under this devolution, the extension program planning, management, and cofinancing responsibilities are transferred to ddc. Agra agra soil health program to increase smallholder access to locally appropriate. Agricultural policy monitoring and evaluation oecd.

Agricultural extension and its impact on food crop. While significant progress has been achieved in kenya and mauritius, internal strife in the other countries has held back major efforts to strengthen the role and performance of agricultural extension. Many different agricultural extension models have been utilized in developing countries in order to bring about rural development. The case of participatory demonstration and training extension system article pdf available in journal of social development in africa 181. Given the state of agricultural productivity in ethiopia, the scene of the technology. Agricultural extension is the application of scientific research and knowledge to agricultural practices through farmer education. Effect of agricultural extension program on smallholders.

Kalim qamar food and agriculture organization of the united nations rome, 2003. Ethiopia health extension program a s a lowincome country, ethiopia has made impressive progress in improving health outcomes. Productivity and efficiency of agricultural extension. Ethiopian strategic investment framework for sustainable land management. Mellor and paul dorosh development strategy and governance division, international food policy research institute ethiopia strategy support program 2, ethiopia ifpriaddis ababa p. Agp is a multifaceted investment program supporting agricultural productivity and commercialization focusing on high agricultural potential areas to address some of the key constraints to agricultural growth and thereby contribute to overall economic growth and transformation. Agricultural extension service has to be competent in agricultural skills, to communicate efficiently with producers and stimulate them to acquire new knowledge. Political economy of agricultural extension in ethiopia. Agricultural extension in ethiopia through a gender and governance lens tewodaj mogues, marc j. The thesis builds on recent research, which has highlighted the role of social networks and extension in promoting adaptation to the. The ptsc was now located in tanzania due to the rwandan project partner not being able to provide a facility to host the ptsc. All universities engage in research and teaching, but the nations more than 100 landgrant colleges and universities have a third, critical mission extension. In kenya, numerous approaches have been tried with varying success.

Whilst recent research mainly in subsaharan africa has indicated a number of successful innovations in agricultural education and training aet, it has generally. Extension, education and communication service research, extension and training division sustainable development department agricultural extension, rural development and the food security challenge by william mcleod rivera in collaboration with m. Review on role and challenges of agricultural extension. Ethiopia is often considered a leader in its commitment to extension.

South korean strategy for agricultural technology transfer to developing countries case of rural development administration paper outline access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food is the right of everyone. Extension is also critical to move research from the lab to the field and to ensure a return on investment in research by translating new knowledge into. The government of nepal has devolved the agricultural extension services system to the local governmentsddcsin line with the local self governance act lsga 1999. The program, financed on the basis of this agreement, has been under implementation in 96 high potential agriculture. Many evidences have indicated that due to land shortage. Department of rural development and agricultural extension, wolaita sodo university, sodo, ethiopia. The agricultural sector greatly influences economic performance, accounting for about 46% of the national gdp, and over 84% of export commodities. Agriculture in ethiopia is the foundation of the countrys economy, accounting for half of gross domestic product gdp, 83. The challenges of agriculture and rural development in.

Agricultural extension programs improve yields and incomes for farmers. Korea has always strived for a world free from hunger and. A total of 1112 plotlevel data collected from 300 selected farm households, comprising of extension participants and nonparticipants, were used in the study. Review on role and challenges of agricultural extension service on farm productivity in ethiopia. The paper describes the process ipms went through to develop the agriculture web portal, status of the. Ethiopia health extension program examines how the countrys health extension program hep has contributed to the move toward. Jones is senior lecturer, agricultural extension and rural development department, and chris garforth is senior lecturer and head of the agricultural extension and rural development department, both at the university of reading, united kingdom. In october 2010, a fiveyear agricultural growth program agp i was signed between the government of ethiopia goe, and the world bank ida including other development partners. Agriculture and the economic transformation of ethiopia john w. The challenges of agriculture and rural development in africa. The trainees received instructions on commodity systems assessment csa, postharvest systems research psr, postharvest demonstration and extension program design, and costbenefit analysis. These extension approaches have been pushing in one way or another for increased use of chemical fertilizers to increase crop yield.

Cohen, regina birner, mamusha lemma, josee randriamamonjy, fanaye tadesse and zelekawork paulos development strategy and governance division, international food policy research institute ethiopia strategy support program 2, ethiopia. Elements of the pasdep program in the agricultural sector will therefore include capacity building through training, development and adoption of a high yielding technology through strengthened agricultural research and extension service delivery mechanism. Abstract this paper evaluates the effect of the rural capacity building project, which aimed at promoting growth by strengthening the agricultural service systems in ethiopia and by making them more responsive to smallholders needs. Extension national institute of food and agriculture. Pdf the impact of agricultural extension on households. Agricultural extension also known as agricultural advisory services plays a crucial role in boosting agricultural productivity, increasing food security, improving rural livelihoods, and promoting agriculture as an engine of propoor economic growth. Building an agricultural extension services system. Africa ssa is characterised by comparatively slow growth in agricultural productivity. The fvr conceptual model which includes the use of icts is far better than other models of agricultural extension services. Dynamic impacts of agricultural extension program in ethiopia. South korean strategy for agricultural technology transfer. Overviewthis project surveyed approaches to agricultural extension practice change and new ideas about improved ways forward.

Through extension, landgrant colleges and universities bring vital, practical information to agricultural producers, small business owners, consumers, families, and young people. Feed the future multiyear strategy june 2011 united states agency for international development ethiopia page iv table of acronyms aed agriculture extension directorate agdp agricultural growth domestic product agp agricultural growth program alt assets and livelihood transitions office ata agriculture transformation agency. Agricultural extension is the term used to describe the process by which rural people are persuaded. To implement a series of innovations in ethiopias agricultural extension system and generate improved productivity for smallholder farmers. International journal of agricultural education and extension, 41. Dynamic impacts of agricultural extension program in ethiopia evidence from panel data analysis habtu nigus deribew thesis for the master of philosophy in economics study option. By biratu, gizachew kebede a thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of master of science in management of natural resources and sustainable agriculture mnrsa.

Agricultural extension activity is important agrarianpolitical instrument of the state which stimulates the development of agricultural production. Mission of ethiopias extension system create modern, effective and efficient agricultural extension system through enhanced marketoriented. The general admission requirement for the msc program in the field of rural development and agricultural extension is successful completion of academic requirements of the b. Building an agricultural extension services system 83. This study evaluates the effect of agricultural extension program participation on farm productivity taking three case study kebeles peasant associations in ethiopia. Ethiopia land administration and land use development project 14. It contains simple, easy to follow tools on the commonly used extension methods and an outline of how extension may be planned and implemented. It incorporates six extension models suggested by eicher 2007. Addis ababa adequate adoption agricultural development agricultural extension system agricultural research. Strengthen agricultural extension mle to ensure accountability and responsibility in line with sector wide mle system 3 strengthen a mechanism for agricultural technologies and services delivery. The state of agricultural extension services in ethiopia. Trained agents visit communities to ensure the dissemination of current best practices, organize cooperatives, and implement secondary programs. Agriculture and the economic transformation of ethiopia.

Principles of designing and implementing agricultural. Agricultural growth program activity approval document 12. Agricultural extension in ethiopia through a gender and. Ethiopia s agriculture agriculture in ethiopia is the main form of livelihood for the majority of the population. The impact of agricultural extension on households welfare in ethiopia article pdf available in international journal of social economics 428. Chapter 1 the history, development, and future of agricultural extension. Agricultural extension is important to improve farming. Dimensions of agriculture extension pdf book agrimoon. Vision for ethiopias extension system modern agriculture integrated with the rest of the economy and a wealthy society free from food insecurity and poverty. Generally, agricultural extension can be defined as the delivery of information inputs to farmers. This manual is a practical guide for extension workers in agriculture. The state of agricultural extension services in ethiopia and their contribution to agricultural productivity. The role of agricultural education in improving the. Agricultural extension approaches aciar australian.

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